5 Tips to travel solo: Make sure you come back with memories, not regrets!

5 Tips to Remember when traveling solo

Traveling solo may give us some of the best memories of our life. Freedom associated with managing different schedules or accommodating various options and doing only those things that our heart and soul desires, are a few luxury associated with making the journey all alone.

However, as a coin has two sides, traveling alone may also give you many challenges during your journey, along with tons of enjoyment. Hence, it is essential for you to consider some of these things in mind whenever you opt to travel alone.

Make Proper Plans for Your Trip

5 Tips to Remember when traveling solo

Formulation of a sound trip plan will help you to achieve time and money management in a smarter way and allow you to get the best experience within a limited period. The Internet acts as the best source to get information about every type of activity and related prices.

For instance, if you are an adventure lover and at the same time, has strong desire to see the beauties of India, you may plan to participate in various mountain pass treks organized by trusted tour operators in India. Moreover, you should pre-book your chosen tour or your interested events.

Plan everything well and always remember to have a Plan B or C just in case.

Inform Your Family and Friends Regularly

5 Tips to Remember when traveling solo

It is very much essential to inform your family members, relatives, friends or someone with whom you are most connected with. Give them all the relevant information about your daily itinerary, the places that you are going to visit, where you will be staying, flight etc.

Moreover, you should keep informing your family members and friends about your day to day whereabouts. Make sure to set up a proper roaming facility on your SIM or purchase an international SIM card if you are going overseas.

Keep Cash in Adequate Amounts

5 Tips to Remember when traveling solo

Whether you want to go for a religious tour, for an adventure or to view the scenic beauty, lifestyle or culture, you should always make sure to keep an adequate amount of cash with you. If you are traveling abroad get a credit card with minimum or no foreign transaction fees and try to exchange your money before traveling. Sometimes exchanging money in foreign countries can be risky and pricey and you might easily get conned. So always look for some trusted names for exchanging your money and make a list of them beforehand.

Packing Tips

5 Tips to Make Your Solo Trip More Enjoyable

Packing your baggage/luggage is one of the most important things to consider whenever you decide to travel alone. You should definitely consider including the following necessary items in your packing bag.

  • Pack a knife and rope

Irrespective of the place you opt to go for a trip/trek/tour, you should make sure to carry the two basic items i.e. army knife, such as a dice, slice, open or chop knife and a rope in your packing bag.

  • Power Backup for the Phone Device

As mentioned before, you should make calls to your known person at regular intervals; it becomes very much essential that your phone remains charged. For this, you should take a power backup, as you may not be able to get charging points at every place and you may not know when the battery of your device runs out while you are traveling.

  • Comfortable Shoes

5 Tips to Make Your Solo Trip More Enjoyable

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is essential for you to carry comfortable shoes while you make your journey. Reason for this is that traveling, trekking, touring and other activities often involve walking and sometimes climbing heights. Hence, you should make sure to have comfortable shoes, so that your feet remain safe and do not suffer any pain, swelling, injury or discomfort.

  • Basic Medicines

5 Tips to Make Your Solo Trip More Enjoyable

Whenever you step ahead to make your journey to a new place, you should make sure to pack a first aid kit along with few basic medicines for a cough and cold, fever, stomach pain, allergy, body pain, vomiting, and stomach disorder. Also carry band-aids, bandages and mosquito repellents.

Keep your documents safe

Keep your documents safe


Always remember to keep all your documents in a safe place. Before traveling, scan all your documents such as your Passport, visa, identity proof, tickets etc. and keep a copy of them in your phone or other electronic devices that you will be carrying with you. And also email the scan copies to yourself and to someone in your family or friend for safekeeping.

Just stay alert, be safe and discover new exciting places on this beautiful planet. Yes, there will be ups and downs during the trip but that is all fine. In the end, you will experience new things, build up confidence and learn how to be comfortable in yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Listen to your heart, go out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to the raw experiences of traveling solo.

Don’t forget to share your stories with us in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you have any queries.

Happy Traveling!

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November 27, 2017
Informative Tips! I would add one more is "Get The Traveler Look" means When in Rome, do as Romans do, Blend in and it'll save you from unwanted attention or being turned away from certain attractions.

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