AwaraRahi welcomes you to its privacy policy page. Being a responsible online travel portal, we always carry complete transparency in our deals therefore we request you to go through the entire content of our privacy policy. Winning the trust of our prestigious customers is one of the top priorities of the portal. We give utmost care to secure all your personal information at our end.

No matter whether you are looking for event booking or any trip booking, we ensure the security and confidentiality of your information in best possible way. Every transaction you made with us is completely secure and well protected due to following all the security norms of running business over the internet. The privacy policy page gives you a better understanding to our reputed and respected customers about our work. After going through below mentioned content, you understand how we collect the information from you and what actually we do with the same.

Here are the details:

  • Without your consent, we DO NOT COLLECT any of your personal information such as your name, e-mail address and contact number.
  • To ensure transparency, we give rights to our users and prestigious members to view and modify or remove their personal information shared with us.
  • We follow best possible steps to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all your information shared with us at the time of registration.

AwaraRahi collects information from its customers/visitors when:

  • You are applying for membership.
  • At the time of filling the profile of traveler
  • Uploading feedback, playing any contest on portal or participating in any survey
  • At the time of purchasing any deal with us

To know more, contact the customer care number of AwaraRahi.

Membership Process

We at AwaraRahi always welcome you to be a part of our family. At the time of membership process, we collect your personal details like User name, password, mailing address and mobile number.

Travelers Info

We also collect your personal information at the time of booking any of our packages. Besides general information, we even ask you to submit your preferences for meal, choice of hotel/car rental so that we can serve you better.

It has to be noted that if any other traveler wants to join you at the trip then we may ask you to submit his/her personal details and preferences too. Therefore, we would like you to take consent from the fellow traveler before sharing his/her details with us. It is necessary because he/she can’t access to our system and review or modify any information submitted on his/her behalf by you.

Booking Services Information

AwaraRahi asks you to submit the billing address of your credit/debit card which you used to buy any of the service on the portal, At the time of booking any of the services, we ask you to submit the credit/debit card number, card type, cardholder name, and issue & expiry date.

Note: We use secure mode of transaction therefore all information related to your credit/debit card is completely secured with us.

Special Offers/Activities

To connect with more and more travelers in much better way, we sometimes arrange some online contest programs where AwaraRahi asks you to submit your personal details such as – name, e- mail, mobile number and mailing address.

Besides that, we also give an opportunity to our customers and online visitors to take part in AwaraRahi online survey. In the surveys, we may ask your experiences with our services, and partner’s services, etc. To connect with our survey, we may collect all your personal details. However, it is not compulsory for you to take part in any of the survey; it is all your choice.

Submitting Request

You need to give your full name, membership number, e-mail address, mobile number if you want to submit any of your queries with us. After reviewing your request, our customer care support staff will assist you.


When you visit to AwaraRahi portal for the first time then some small files are stored in your system’s hard drive that help to access our site quickly in future. Cookies also help to secure your personal information and preferences and also keep a track of all your activities on our portal.

Users can remove the cookies from their systems. To know more about this, please go through the instructions manual. However, AwaraRahi does not want its visitors to remove cookies as it will allow you to access all our services perfectly.

To ensure better services for our customers, we keep track of your activities on our browser. We try to understand your preferences, pages that travelers visited the most, time of page loading on different network connectivity. Please note that AwaraRahi does not track your prior or post activity other than its own portal.

Sharing of Personal Information and Disclosure

Being a responsible travel portal, we do not share your personal details with any third party unless it is highly necessary to do. In some of the cases, we might share your information with our trusted partners like:

  • When you book packages of any adventures trip, we give your personal details to our authorized partners so that you don’t face any difficulties with our services.
  • For the shipment and payment gateway, we have to share your general information with our trusted associated companies. Note: All the mentioned privacy policy will be changed without any prior notification. Therefore, we request our customers and visitors to read all content here carefully every time they visit this portal.

Thanks for showing faith in us! We at AwaraRahi always strive to provide best-in class services to our valued customers. So, experience a thrilling and comfortable trip with us!